Ninja Gym

What Is Ninja Class?

Our Ninja classes combine the art of movement through obstacles with martial arts and gymnastics… to give students the unique skill set of the NINJA!

Ninja Warriors Train to Overcome Obstacles

Ninja warriors train to overcome obstacles by adapting movements to the environment.  They learn to move in a way no other program can teach.  Nothing will slow our Ninjas down!  
They jump, flip, climb, and swing around barriers including warp walls, quad steps, ropes, rings and more!

This develops functional strength, balance, control, fluidity, precision, spatial awareness and how to look beyond the traditional use of objects.  Training focuses on safety, personal responsibility, and self-improvement.

Our Program Is Built Around 4 Core Values

Character development is an essential part of what our students are taught in the Ninja Gym. 
We encourage our students to value community, humility, and the sharing of knowledge while showing respect for all people, places and spaces.

Our classes use a “Wristband System” to distinguish between the different levels within our program.


Grasshopper Ninjas

 Students learn about respecting others, their environment and their own abilities.  To earn respect, give respect.


Junior Ninjas

 Students learn to show integrity in all they do and that nothing is more respectable than honesty.


Shadow Ninjas

 Students learn about doing what is right even when no one is watching.


Elite Ninjas

Students learn about using their skills responsibly and only for good.  With great power, comes great responsibility.