KinderGym Teaches Important Life Skills!


FUN Social Development

Our KinderGym program uses gymnastics as a tool to teach social skills while having fun and learning new skills. Students learn about sharing, taking turns, voicing opinions, listening and making friends in small and large group activities.

Intellectual Development

Our program includes an emphasis on the development of the mind. Consistent exposure to letters and numbers coupled with activities that focus on the brain-body connection enhance our students’ math and reading readiness. 

Emotional Development

Most importantly, our number one goal is to promote positive self-esteem in our students and encourage them to set goals and try new things!

Exploring Toddlers

Exploring Toddlers
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40 Minute Class | Ages: Crawling- 2 Years

Exploring Toddlers is a parent participation class with a five-minute opening and closing activity. The rest of the time is open for exploration and free play.  The instructor will be there to answer any questions you may have and to supervise the activities.  This class focuses on introducing your child to the gymnastics and movement equipment and provides wonderful opportunities for social interaction. 

Toddlers | Technique Kids' Activity Center

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45 Minute Class | Ages: Walking – 3 Years

This child-directed class is perfect for the youngster that is ready for a challenge.  The class is more structured than the Exploring Toddlers with a 5-7 minute warm-up and learning circuits.  This class still falls within our parent participation program, so adults, get ready for some exercise too!  The Toddler class strives to get the child comfortable and prepared to try class alone and to play well with others.

Mini - Thrilling 3's | Technique Kids Activity Center

Thrilling 3's
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45 Minute Class | Ages:  3 Years

As the name implies, this class is for all our three year olds.  The Thrilling 3’s class is your child’s first experience in the KinderGym without an adult.  This class continues to focus on an introduction to gymnastics, movement, equipment and skills.  We focus on developing your child’s fine and gross motor skills and especially their listening and social skills.

Kinder I - Funtastic 4's & 5's | Technique Kids' Activity Center

Kinder I
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50 Minute Class | Ages:  4 & 5 Years

Your four or five year old will have a blast in this action-packed fifty minute class.  Our goal for this class is to give your child a strong basic understanding of gymnastics skills, self-awareness, and flexibility of mind as well as body.  But don’t worry, they will be having so much fun, they will hardly notice!

Kinder II - Funtastic 4's & 5's Plus | Technique Kids' Activity Center

Kinder II & Kinder III
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50 Minute Class | Ages:  4 & 5 Years

This class is a continuation of the fantastic fours and fives class.  It will build on the basic skills they have learned in the previous level and concentrate on building strength, coordination, goal setting and focus.  


During a  KinderGym class, your child will enjoy a 5-7 minute warm up.  Warm-ups include cardio-vascular and coordination activities choreographed to music, fun stretching and body positions.  
After warm-ups, the children will split into groups with their instructor.  They then rotate to three, 10-12 minute circuits that include trampoline, basic floor skills, bars, beams, vault, balls, ribbons, hoops, tunnels, bean bags, frisbees, wheels, and so much more.  All of our equipment and apparatus are the newest and finest available… and just their size to ensure safety and reduce fear.
At the end of class, students go down the huge KinderGym slide and receive a sticker, stamps, and a coloring sheet with encouraging notes from their instructor.  Our goal is that each student leaves class with a smile and the belief that they can do it! 

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